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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I tip the DJ? Tips are always appreciated–feel free to share your generosity with the DJ if you feel they did a great job

Can we bring our own music? We want to play the music you want to hear! Please share any songs, playlists, or ideas you would like to hear, and we will call the week of the event to go over the music in full detail.

Will the DJ take requests? Requests will only be played if approved by the Bride and Groom in our DJ Prep Packet

How many songs should I request? A typical wedding is usually 60-100 songs. Do not feel obligated to pick all of these songs– we can discuss and find music to go with your event. Feel free to share any music that you specifically would like to hear, and we are happy to include it.

Do you have samples of your work? Due to copyright, we do not publish any of our DJ sets online. Our events all feature a mix of the best 1-2 minutes of a variety of songs to create an upbeat atmosphere based on the Bride and Groom's requests.

Do you require Wifi? We do not require Wifi, but if your venue has it, please provide the password in the DJ prep packet.

What type of power do you need? One single outlet is more than enough for our setup. If your venue does not have power, we can bring a generator.

When should I book with my DJ? As soon as you have a date locked in with a venue, it is best to schedule with us, as avaliability is limited.

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